The Henry’s Workshop

What a whirlwind this year has been for us and I feel like its only just begun. God has opened up so many doors for us this year and while opening doors He’s also closed some. We have done things this year that in 8 years of shooting weddings, we have never done nor thought of doing. I found a goal list for 2014 and there were a couple things on there that carried over to this year and one of them was to do a workshop. This was the first year I actually attended a workshop myself and I loved it so much it made me want to share our own experiences in our own way. The last couple years I feel like every time I started to get the ball rolling with things like this, there were bigger and more pressing things happening at the time so we always put it on hold. Having babies will do that to you. You learn to put dreams on hold to do take care of your heart. I don’t think we expected to come out this year and want to do it all but we are and I’m excited.

My good friend Meleka told me that she was meeting with one of our brides and she kept referring to us as the Henry’s and it literally made me giddy. I love that we aren’t just referred to as the photographer or Henry Photography but more as The Henry’s. We sound more like friends rather than a vendor and it was perfection. I think that has been my goal all along to be a friend who just happens to be pretty fabulous with a camera. So we came up with The Henry’s Workshop because I know that in the future this may evolve into something different and bigger and I have so many plans for this. I have a deep love of photography but my love of weddings has been with me since I was a little girl. There are some things that cannot be taught but by letting the experiences change me over the years I’ve grown into the photographer that I dreamt of being. I still have some pretty hefty goals for this life that I’m leading but we can talk about that another day. Coty and I are so excited to be hosting our first workshop. We have been through so much as a couple and as business owners that its going to be hard to fit it all into a one day workshop but we are an open book when it comes to sharing our experiences both good and bad.

So on October 20th at Jorgensen Farm we will be hosting The Henry’s Workshop. Our goal is for a casual yet intimate atmosphere for everyone to get to know us, learn a lot about being a fine art photographer and hopefully leave inspired and more creative. Some of our topics we’ve chosen are quality over quantity, how to make yourself stand out, getting the high end client, pricing structures, Shooting with a purpose, the client experience and a little on shooting FILM! We also have several amazing vendors from right here in Ohio that are not only contributing to the styled shoot but to the workshop! The styled shoot is going to be fabulous, I cannot wait to share the details with our attendees about the theme, vendors and everything they get to be a part of!  There will be an amazing giveaway… or two…. its going to be amazing. We’ll have a sweet little welcome packet for all our attendees with all the information they will need for the workshop. For more information we would love to hear from you so head on over to this link and get more info! To purchase your ticket go right over here!

The HenryFloral arrangement: Ashby Floral Boutique


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