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Coty and I have spent the entire week trying to figure out how to make my ideas come to life. We just launched our first ever workshop and although its something I’ve wanted to do, I’m a bit more excited about our styled shoots. Its the creative in me that realizes that I learn a lot more by watching and doing then sitting and listening. I have only been to one workshop and I’m beyond blessed to say that I learned a TON! It was also focused on film so to be honest, I needed to SIT and LISTEN! We also got to shoot so that helped too. What I didn’t know is that my first ever film shoot would then go onto be published. Talk about a confidence booster! I left feeling like I needed to shoot more so I planned for a styled shoot in April! Because it was my first and very personal styled shoot, it seems like a blur. It was also a very cloudy and dull day so the lighting wasn’t exactly my taste but we worked with it! That styled shoot went onto being published as well which blew my mind. I feel like you put in so much work and it just makes it all worth it in the end to see it flash across a prestigious blog! I was approached to put on the styled shoot for the Pursuit Community and of course I jumped on it and planned something that wasn’t quite what I would need for a portfolio but rather something that popped, was appealing and fun to shoot. When you have 20 girls attending, you want it to be good! I didn’t want it to be too out there so we went for a Lakeside Nautical theme! Corals, navy & white stripe and lots of greens! It was perfect and the lighting that evening was to die for! This got the wheels turning because the response from this shoot was pure joy! I recently saw a post from a guy saying “why would you put so much work into a styled shoot and have someone else shoot it?” well… good point. I also see the flip side of encouraging others, building a community and getting your work published. So I sat down with Coty and my good friend Daphne with Ashby Floral and we picked out some dates for styled shoots and our workshop. The themes we’ve come up with are breathtaking and will hit a couple different types of photographers. Film photographers want something fine art, unique, soft and appealing to the artistic eye. Wedding photographers want something that pops, thats joyful, colorful and tells a story. Okay so to be honest, I want all those things! So we are taking the leap and scheduling 2 more styled shoots for this year and I have 4 styled shoots scheduled for next year with a theme picked out and details to follow. To make them all publish worthy we will have a fee but there will be perks like sponsors, headshots and some other details we are ironing out. Its so easy to just feel like you’re doing the same thing all the time and one of the things I want to start doing is inviting some fabulous photographers to join us in the shoot to maybe speak a little on posing. I will not hide the fact that I am totally in this boat sometimes I just need something new to do and I think this will be the BEST way to Get Inspired and Stay Creative!

So here are the dates for our two styled shoots this year:

October 20th at Jorgensen Farm {we are opening up the registration for photographer to attend the styled shoot that is after my workshop!}

October 29th at Taylor Mansion

To get more details on the themes {Which are FABULOUS} please contact us and we’ll send you ALL the details!

Our 2016 styled shoots are going to be a little different though. I will have 2 here in Ohio but the other 2 will be out of state. I’ve worked with some amazing vendors lately and we’ve got some destination locations we’re cooking up and I cannot WAIT to share those. If y’all could see my secret pinterest boards… seriously though people… its getting out of hand! I’ve got ideas coming out my ears and although my plate is getting full, I’m learning to juggle it and do what I LOVE rather than what is expected of me. Coty has been telling me all year that this is where my heart is, its teaching in a way of me being creative. Although I am so excited for our workshop, I’m mostly excited about this styled shoot! 2016 has some amazing things in store and once we get more details in line, its going to be epic. Maybe even internationally epic. Stay tuned for those details but if you’d like to sign up for the workshop, go here!

If you’d like to reserve your seat NOW for the styled shoots please go here for the October 20th shoot and here for the October 29th shoot! If you’d like to sign up for both shoots there is a special price for you, just email us and we’ll give you all the details! The fees are going to cover the cost for the amazing venues, all the vendors that have helped bring the inspiration to life and other amazing goodies! As much as I’d love to make this free, I hope the we recognize that there are some things worth investing in. Your creativity, further education & inspiration is totally worth it!

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And yes, thats my baby flying in the air! My kids made their appearance at the styled shoot because we were at a friends home!

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