Our Dallas Trip

Coty turned 30 last August and I was instructed to get him nothing. I never listen. I knew we had a whole day to kill in Dallas so I arranged for a tour of Dallas Cowboys Stadium. He was in heaven. He caught me on my phone while on the tour, it was as if I was missing the birth of our child or something, he was so irritated. Note taken. I loved seeing him soak in every bit of the stadium and just look around, such a fun moment for me. I gave up going to Waco for this so I’m glad he enjoyed it. He already knows he owes me a trip to the Silos when we go back!

Dallas cowboys Stadium Tour

One of the BEST burgers I’ve ever had!! Thanks for putting me in a food coma Twisted Root Burger Company

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It really was such a refreshing trip for Coty and I. In a perfect world I’d schedule a trip right in September & October for the two of us because it was exactly what we needed. As a couple who works together and raises three kids together, we often forget about what brought us together. We get to be all business a lot of times and this trip was so refreshing! We took a drive through some back roads and found some cows to burn off a few rolls of film. They will go perfect in our Texas-esque theme basement we’re finishing right now. Until next time Texas!


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