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Magnolia Rouge Feature, Columbus Wedding Photographers, Henry Photography

Our first Magnolia Rouge Feature. I am so honored that my first film shoot is being featured on Magnolia Rouge. I’ve admired this blog and magazine since we started shooting film and I am still pinching myself that its been published. I could not of come at a more perfect time. I feel like I’ve gone through waves in my career where I need a creative pick me up and film has challenged me in a way that has kept me on my toes. Seeing these photos has just reminded me of the reason we chose to shoot film in the first place. As artist we strive for a cohesive flow to our storytelling and sometimes digital challenges us in the sense that we never can get it exactly to where we want it. Film has this way about it that never strays far from what was seen in the first place. Our brand has always been that and I love that film represents this classic romance of photography. I’m excited to see where this takes Coty and I in our career and I’ll wait patiently for scan day… its coming soon! Magnolia Rouge Feature, Columbus Wedding Photographers, Henry Photography

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You can see the full feature on Magnolia Rouge right here. For our personal blog post you can see it right here


Shoot Name: “Printemps” (French for Springtime)

Matoli Keely Photography |

Kristen Lynne Photography |

Alex Meyer Events |

Dress | Alexandra Grecco |

Flowers | Violet Gardens Floral Designs |

Calligraphy | Lydia Robins Hendrix |

Cake | Lauren Bakes Cakes |

Hair & Makeup | Jordan K Winn & Co. |

Jewelry | Suz Somersall |

Model | Jeff Bruins |

Model | Kathleen Masek |

Venue | Pamela Jane’s Studio |


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