Hola Mexico!

Y’all have no idea how much I loved Cabo, Mexico! Okay so maybe if you were following my Instagram you knew a little bit. Everything from the gorgeous beaches, the whales, the delicious margaritas & guacamole… it was all amazing. We had the dearest pleasure of shooting Jenna & Chuck’s wedding at Cabo Surf Hotel in San Jose Del Cabo… it was just breathtaking! I literally couldn’t contain my excitement when we got off the plane and I was so eager to get out of my comfy leggings and into a warm weather outfit! From the moment we landed the trip was amazing! I saw Nick and Vanessa Lachey and Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses in line at Customs. Are you kidding me?! I texted my friend and she was like “I need to pay attention next time I’m in customs”! I was definitely feeling the hunger by that afternoon so we headed to what was to be the most authentic Mexican restaurant in town and it was amazing! We walked around town, took photos, soaked in the culture and went to bed at 7:30! I felt old and tired going to bed that early but given it was 9:30 our time so no judgments! After sleeping 12 hours for the first time in years, we were so rested we couldn’t wait to start the day! We were up at sunrise, headed to the beach & soaked in the rays. It was just so gorgeous there that even in a back alley way we felt so overwhelmed with color & culture. I wanted to take photos at every corner so with either my film camera or my phone, it happened. We had such an amazing time exploring Mexico, shooting the most beautiful wedding, getting to meet so many amazing people and just exploring with Coty. The night before the wedding I noticed one of my favorite photographers was in CABO shooting a wedding. I did some awesome commenting on some instagram photos and arranged a coffee meeting at the Hilton before our wedding. As if this trip couldn’t get anymore awesome we got to have coffee with Eric Kelley. It was the best way to start our first wedding of the year, getting to hear how he started his business, how he and I are from the same small town in Indiana {small world}, how we all have kids and its a crazy business to be in with a family… it was incredible. When Coty and I got home at like Midnight on Tuesday I was getting ready to go up to bed and Coty goes “So aside from that wedding be awesome, we also got to meet Eric Kelley.” That pretty much sums up the fact that we were still reeling from that meet up. Such great times in Mexico!

Our trip was relaxing yet so eye opening. You’d think it would make our travel bug go away for a while but it just got bigger! Cannot wait to see where 2016 takes us because this was epic.

Flora Farm. You are one of the main reasons I cannot wait to come back.
Ektar 100, you blew my mind! 

Cabo Mexico San Jose Del Cabo, MexicoFlora Farms MexicoFlora Farms Mexico

Lots of Portra 800, Ektar 100, Portra 160 and a little Portra 400.



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