Happy Thanksgiving

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Our thanksgiving looks very different this year than it ever has before! We were cutting up ham and putting my Gramma Pat’s dressing on their tray as fast as we could before they were scarfing it down. This time last year we were praying they would take an ounce from a bottle instead of their NG tubes. I remember just feeling so torn on that holiday. I was beyond thankful for my little family and the NICU but I also wanted so badly to be HOME with the boys. As the boys turned one I have constantly been thinking about our time in the hospital and how much God taught his while we made our way back and forth from home to the nicu everyday. So while the boys are now crawling, getting into everything and both have snotty noses from our Florida trip, I’m grateful for these moments and the moments that lead up to having them.┬áSo from our little family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers, Henry Photography, photo_1130Happy Thanksgiving!!


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