The Henry's

Hello! We are Coty & Ashley, also known as the Henry's! We met welcome weekend at Grace College and from that moment on we were inseparable. While I was pursuing a career in wedding photography, our own wedding photographers were a husband & wife team and it sparked our interest. While on our honeymoon Coty picked up the camera and when we returned we started Henry Photography. Over the years our style has evolved into something of a romance, where classic portraiture and film met candid moments to become us. We've been blessed with fabulous, beautiful and genuine couples who make our "job" so wonderful. This business has given us the opportunity to photograph over 300 weddings, travel to stunning places and get to do everything as a couple. We love that we are not only getting to live out this crazy adventure together but we are also giving our couples the greatest gift and its the story of their beginnings. 
So what are we doing when we're not shooting weddings? Well with three kids and three dogs, you do just about everything. We live out in the country so we're always outside and we take advantage of the outdoors any chance we can, especially if its over 50 degrees! Our faith, marriage and our family is the foundation of our lives. The saying "our cup runneth over" rings true in our lives and for that we're grateful.

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