Schroepfer & Evans {Family}

Okay so for a little backstory first {I love backstories}. Lauren and I went to high school together, actually I went to school with all 3 of the gorgeous Schroepfer girls. I knew Lauren more since she was a grade or two above me and she drove me around when we both ran track together. I remember her little toyota tercel, she drove stick so I looked up to her. To extend the backstory a little more, Elise graduated with my brother and Leah graduated with my sister. My mom and Barb {lauren’s mom} are and have been in the same bible study for years as we all have attended Grace Church in Powell for many many years. I know all around we’ve been blessed to know this family because their joy is contagious. Just look at the photos and you can tell… Oh and they all have great teeth! Oh and eyes, legs… gosh they’re all gorgeous! So years later Lauren got married and I remember her wedding vividly. She wore a Maggie Sottero dress that I had been eyeing and she looked amazing it in. They had their first dance to Norah Jones Come away with me… I still love that song. So here we are in 2010 and we’re both pregnant with very busy jobs and both give birth to our babies the same week and mine was 4 weeks early and I think Lauren’s was 2 weeks early. To make this story a little more weirder {okay not weird just kinda funny} My parents 30th anniversary is on the 8th and so Barb and Johns… hence the surprise photo shoot! How can you tell your mom what to wear when going out on the town without her thinking something is up!

When they came to our alley way tonight I was peeking out the door and she goes “I knew it!” Lauren had tried to do this all covertly but its hard with a nosey mom! They were running a little late and Barb goes “Oh just call Ashley she’ll be fine with it” I told her that if she thought it was someone else taking the pictures I was going to be so hurt! haha! I could not wait to get this little family in front of my camera and the evening couldn’t have been more perfect. Everytime I told them to interact with eachother, tell stories or laugh… they’d all look at Lincoln {Lauren & Randy’s baby}. Too funny that once the baby enters the family they take stage over everyone else. He’s too cute for words. Be sure to read some of the captions on the pictures because I explain some funny ones! OH and Randy… LOVE the funny voice!

Thank you for letting take some beautiful photographs of you all. I’ve loved getting to know you over the years and I can’t wait to see where God takes you all! Barb & John, Happy 30th Anniversary! You have a gorgeous gorgeous family!


This.... Too funny!

  • August 5, 2011 - 9:51 am

    Elise Schroepfer - Ashley, you did such a beautiful job! I can’t believe you fit time in to do this (and blog!) before you left for vacation, you’re the best! What a blessing to have access to such a talented photographer that we’ve known personally for so long…I can’t get enough of these pictures. Thank you thank you! We’re all recommending you guys to everybody, of course 🙂

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