Safekeeping Your Photos

“Do we get a disc with our package?”

Yes, that is truly one of the top questions a photographer gets. The funny thing is, I don’t even think people know what to do with a disc. Unfortunately we all know we partly want the disc so we can share as many photos as we want on facebook. I’m definitely someone who takes thousands of photos and they just sit on my computer. We just moved into our home in December of 2012 and I am just now starting to hang photos and make photo books out of all of our memories. I really wanted to write today about what to do with your photos after your wedding because we know that hiring a wedding photographer is an investment and you should take care of your photographs just like we did after your wedding. This is totally my opinion {Ashley} and I won’t get too technical because that is just not my forte! Also, this may only be for someone who doesn’t have a Mac… I don’t know anything about clouds or snow leopards 🙂

1. First I’d download your flash drive to your computer. It’ll be much easier to view your photos when they are already on your desktop so make a folder, drag all the folders from the flash drive into that folder onto your desktop and enjoy.

2. I would back these photos up! If you don’t own a back up, I’d stop what you’re doing now and go get one! We obviously have tons of these with all that we do but I have a few that are for our personal photos. I try to keep them all organized by year, month and date but Coty definitely gets frustrated because I’ll forget to back them up. So hop on, buy this little passport and back your photos up! I know you can also purchase a digital backup, something like a “cloud” or whatever that is but you can put your photos on there. My only concern would be are they high res. or not.

3. After putting your wedding photos on your desktop and on a back up, put them in a safe. Yes, I said safe. My friend once told me that if her house was burning down the only thing she’d grab {other then her son and dog} are her photos I took of them. That would be me, trying to get my family out and then grabbing my back up with all my photos! We do have our wedding photos and a passport in our safe for that just in case moment. I like knowing I’ve done everything to protect something that is so precious to me!

4. Make copies. Obviously putting them on your desktop, back up and safe sounds good but why not make just one more copy and store it at your moms? She probably would enjoy having the photos anyways!

5. Print. Please, for heavens sake, don’t just look at your photos, post them on facebook and walk away. Print these photos off! Also, do it quickly! If you don’t, you’ll be like me and find yourself married for 6 years and only have ONE wedding photo printed and its a 5×7. Awful. Life gets busy and you start to forget so when you get your photos in your hands, print them off.

6. Quality. Its really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that while you’re picking up eggs, icecream, tampons and chapstick that you’re also picking up your wedding photos. I understand wanting a quick print of a funny photos for a 4×6 frame but the gorgeous frame you got as a wedding present deserves a great print. You can always print from your wedding photographer, we go through an incredible professional lab or you can go through someone like mpix. Quality is so much more worth it then convenience. Also, we can help you in picking the right size. I love canvas prints but I also know it can be overwhelming picking the right collage. I started a board on pinterest to help inspire those who need a little inspiration for decor… like me!

7. Make an heirloom. If you did not get an album from us, be sure to try and make one for yourself. I know it sounds like a lofty task but you won’t regret it when you have that gorgeous album sitting on your table. If it starts to get overwhelming, order one from us. Its never too late to order an album and we love making those for our clients. Its hard to tell brides this but when their friends come over to see their wedding photos they aren’t there to see a thousand photos of every detail, they’d much rather see the shortened version in an album. Unless they are like me of course, I’d want to see every photograph :). So whether its an album, a memory box or a gallery of canvas prints, use these photos to make an heirloom for yourselves.

8. Share. Alright so as much as I want to deny this, I like facebook. For myself, I love going back on old photos of Coty and I dating, Molly as a newborn, the college days with my friends… its fun. I love photos and I’ve loved sharing the photos. So we encourage you to share your photos on your facebook page, website, blog or maybe just at lunch with your mom. Its good to share them, it was an amazing day! The only thing we always ask is that you give the photographer credit. Facebook is such a great way to share your photos but also share your photographer with others. As a business owner, we use facebook and other avenues as much as we can, it also shows us that you loved your photos as much as we did!

I hope this helps someone who is wondering what to do with my photos now that the wedding is over. It can get overwhelming to think the most amazing day of your life is all on a little flash drive, but its never too late to keep them safe and show them off!


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