The Twins Are One

I cannot believe my boys are one! After over 2 years of infertility and 3 miscarriages, when I became pregnant with the twins and my fears of losing them were starting to take over… my friend boldly told me that this was my wilderness. Many times I’ve gone through the “wilderness” and had to rely on my faith ┬áto get me through but the pregnancy with the boys was like hiking through a cold winter in Yosemite with everything you need to survive but you’re blindfolded. God gives you everything you need to make it through the best of times and the worst of times but sometimes you fall along the way because you try so hard to do it yourself. Thats me. I try so hard to be superwoman and do it all myself that I forget that God has given me everything I need to make it through this life. I had been diagnosed with a couple things before the pregnancy so we were well equipped with a plan of attack to get me through this pregnancy. We obviously were NOT prepared for TWO babies but thank you LORD for the double blessing! I was on progesterone, two shots a day of hepparin, one very large and very scary size needle shot of progesterone on Fridays, daily aspirin, weekly visits to the hospital, pricking my finger 3 time a day for gestational diabetes and whole lot of heartburn. Ironically, now that the boys are one, I look back and all of that is a blur. It took months after they were born for the bruises from the shots to disappear but I sometimes feel like I can still see them. God calmed my heart with each shot and each pill and I just wholeheartedly trusted Him with everything. After I declared that pregnancy my wilderness, it took shape throughout their nursery and then of course their first birthday had to have a little forest somewhere in there. Navigating through life with one child had been hard enough and to all of a sudden at two identical twin BOYS? Yikes. Its been such a wonderfully crazy year with every change in their sleep pattern, the longest time a child could teeth times TWO, every first step, every laugh, the mischief these boys get into, I’ve got my Momma work cut out for me. As if their monthly photo wasn’t evidence enough… once they become mobile they wanted NOTHING TO DO with laying on my cute gray blanket for a photo!

I had so much fun planning their party! Plaid is so huge right now and always has been in my life so the lumberjack theme was easy! Here is a little look into our past year with the boys and their adorable Lumberjack Party!

The above photo by Hailey Lauren Photography

Styling, Design, Photos, Invites… Me!

Cookies/ Jana lee’s Bake Shop

Cake Designer/ Enticing Icings & Custom Cakes

Various plaid shirts/ Old Navy, Kohls, Walmart {of course} and Target!


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