Denae & Garrett {Indiana Winter Wedding}

I don’t even know where to begin with this couple. Okay, first off, I love them. I loved being able to photograph this sweet couple get married. I loved seeing their story unfold right before our cameras. To say this was one of our favorite weddings is an understatement. It was so great that this was our last wedding of 2013, we ended on such a wonderful note. Weddings at Christmas time can be tricky, you don’t wanna scream Christmas but you want to use all the amazing decor Christmas can bring.  Gold sparkle, greenery and some birch trees is what they used for their decor. What we didn’t expect on their wedding day was for it to rain all day, I mean ALL DAY. It was this winter wonderland just 24 hours before and the temperature went up, snow melted and rain clouds came in. From the time we started the day until we left that evening, it rained. Luckily they have amazing friends with the most gorgeous buildings {The Barn} and we were able to shoot there. Unfortunately the mud and rain weren’t cooperating so we were limited on location but not limited on joy. You’d have no idea it was not an ideal day outside because this couple was overjoyed to be getting married. I loved that they worshipped together during their ceremony, I loved the decor, their sweet photos together and their family. I also loved their amazing family photos in the house with golden retrievers, it was amazing. All around, it was the best wedding to end our amazing year on. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding, it was such a blessing!

When I walked in the door of their sweet farmhouse, I could smell the pie and Christmas candle burning, it was magical. 

Coty and  I both took photos of D&G like this, we didn’t even know it until later. Great minds think alike! 

Look how amazing this decor was, truly gorgeous! I wanted to be the grinch and put this tree on top of my car and take it home with me! 

Its one of the most amazing things to see men gather around and pray. Its always a humbling experience. 

These girls are truly from the midwest! They know to be prepared for any weather! 

Glow sticks were a hit!

Thank you to the ladies at The Barn who insisted I put their boots on… I was thankful I did because I sunk… like a few inches! This family was prepared with umbrellas, boots and a gorgeous venue to shoot in. They were also soaked to the bone helping us park and get around. Thank you again!


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